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Your fans get discounts and coupons. You get commissions from their purchases. They save money. You earn to make more content for them. Win-win.

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How does it work?

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Encourage your fans to install the Genki extension and add your creator code.

Fans register and install the Genki extension using your code. Without entering credit card details or any other information

They do their regular everyday shopping. All they need to do is have the plugin enabled. They can choose from over 30,000 stores - see the list.

1-5% of every purchase value goes to you. Without any additional cost for your fans. The money comes from the commision programs of the participating stores.

Money appears in your Genki account and you can withdraw it.

100% commission goes to the creator

while Genki is in Beta

Genki creators

Over 30,000 shops worldwide

Whether your fans are buying a game, new headphones or ordering a pizza - buying in participating shops will earn you a commision that lets you improve your content. Your fans just shop as always - no extra money is charged.

Want to check if a shop is in the program?

The Genki extension icon in your browser will turn blue when you visit a participating shop website. Check the list of participating retailers.

Special offers are now available for you and your community

Your fans get discounts while shopping online.

You get a commission from their purchases.

11,000 special offers

discounts up to 60% off

New special offers every day

Develop your passion with a boost from your fans.

Making content takes a lot of time and effort. By using Genki your fans can show you that they appreciate it. For free. This is a small gesture that goes a long way.

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Why Genki?

Always on

One time registration by your fans and Genki works all the time in the background.

Free for you and your fans

Using Genki doesn’t cost you or your fans anything extra on top of their regular shopping.

Just the beginning

Apart from shopping with your code fans will get access to special deals, discounts and more! Genki is just starting out. Join now and grow with us.

Frequently asked questions

How does Genki work?

What does “genki” mean?

In Japanese, "genki" means energy. The kanji for genki is 元気, which when broken down mean "source" and "energy, mind, spirit." In short, genki is your energy for life, including creativity.

We believe that every fan who appreciates a creator's work also boosts their energy to act. And with more fans like that, the streamer has more motivation to create. Do you remember Genki-dama from Dragon Ball?

You can read more about the many meanings of the word genki here.

What will my creator code be?

The creator code is assigned when you get access to the genki panel based on your nickname.

How can my fans register?

Once you get access to the Genki panel, all you have to do is share the link to this page with your fans and tell them to register using your creator code. You can also use the promotional materials which can be found in the Genki dashboard.

How do I tell my fans about Genki?

Your fans definitely understand how much work and time it takes to create content. Surely many of them appreciate it and want to show it somehow. Understandably, asking them directly for money through subscriptions or donations may feel strange to you. Tell them about Genki as a way to appreciate your work that is free for them.

Key points to talking about Genki:

  • it's always running in the background and free for the fan - they don't have to pay anything extra for normal purchases and they can appreciate your work
  • the more you earn, the more time (and money!) you can spend on creating content for fans - a win-win for both sides
  • genki works as a creator code to over 30,000 stores so they can shop at their favourite places and not have to worry

Also, take a look at the for fans subpage for inspiration.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email us on or send us a message on Discord - we'll help you figure out how to promote Genki to your fans.

Created by creators for creators. is created by the inSTREAMLY team. inSTREAMLY is a platform that helps streamers get the best sponsors for their stream. Until now, we have helped over 15k streamers sign 41,252 micro-sponsorship deals with brands like Netflix, Samsung or PlayStation. We believe that creators should have more control over their content and be able to monetise their work despite the platform they use. So as the next step in our mission we created Genki.

Join us on our mission to empower creators!

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