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Normalise paying for content you love without paying for the content you love

genki.me is a browser plugin that works in the background while you do your online shopping. It’s easy, safe, free, and your favourite creator gets a commission from each purchase.

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What is genki.me?

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How does it work?

1. Choose the creator you want to support or use the link shared with you, register and install the genki.me plugin.

2. Shop online in over 30,000 participating shops, get exclusive deals and discounts while genki.me runs in the background.

3. You will know if you are on a genki.me participating shop when the a blue star appears on the yellow icon (or next to your Google search results)

4. Within 72 hours, you should receive a confirmation email that the transaction has been successful!

5. 1-5% of every purchase goes to creator of your choice.


  • Support your favourite creator without paying a cent.

  • Save money and get exclusive deals and discounts at over 30,000 shops worldwide.

  • Receive benefits directly from the creator.

  • Easy to set up, runs in the background.

  • Become a distinguished member of the community.

  • Empower content creators to stay independent.

Over 30,000 shops worldwide

Whether you’re buying a new game, headphones or ordering a pizza, buying in participating shops will earn the creator commission.

Support your favourite creators without spending a cent