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Donations to your favourite creator that cost you nothing.

Build your favorite creator’s channel with him. Install the Genki extension, get discounts, shop online and boost his channel.

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What is Genki?

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How does it work?

1. Choose your creator on - https://genki.me/creators or use code creator shared with you.

2. Register and install the Genki extension. Without entering credit card details or any other information.

3. Do your regular everyday shopping in Genki shops. You can choose from over 30,000 stores - see the list.

4. 1-5% of every purchase goes to the creator. Without any additional cost for you.


  • Easy way to appreciate the work of your favourite creator, without spending any additional money.

  • Let yourself be known as a committed member of the community.

  • Build your favourite channel together with its creator, completely for free!

  • Save money on shopping. Get everyday discounts in over 30,000 online shops.

Genki creators

Over 30,000 shops worldwide

Whether you are buying a game, new headphones or ordering a pizza - buying in participating shops allows your favourite creator to earn money and make more great content. At no extra cost for you.

Special offers are available for you and your community

When you shop with Genki you get access to discounts and your favourite creator gets a commission.

dell.com logo
Multiple countries
Save up to £270 on Dells Inspiron 7510
Save up to £270 on Dells Inspiron 7510
Shop now
kerastase.co.uk logo
Multiple countries
15% off when you spend £59 or more, or 20% off when you spend £79 or more
15% off when you spend £59 or more, or 20% off when you spend £79 or more
Shop now
byterry.com logo
Multiple countries
40% off selected lines
For A Limited Time Only
Shop now

How does Genki extension work?

1. Install and enable the Genki browser extension

Register now

2. If you enter a Genki shop website, a star appears on the plugin icon. Shopping there boosts the creator.

3. Do your regular shopping with no extra cost

Check Genki shops

4. The creator of your choice receives commission from the shop

5. Next day you receive a confirmation email that you have boosted your favourite creator!

Show that you care. Share the energy.

Making content takes a lot of time and effort. Use Genki to show that you appreciate it. Even a small gesture means a lot to the creator.

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