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Frequently asked questions

How to pin the plugin to the browser toolbar?

How does genki.me plugin work?

How can I check if a shop is participating in the program?

For creators

For fans

Click on the puzzle icon in the upper right corner of the browser. Find genki.me on the plugin list and click the icon to pin it.

Once you have installed the genki.me browser plugin:

  • Upon entering a genki.me participating store a blue star will appear on the plugin icon. The plugin runs in the background.
  • While searching Google, you will see a genki.me sign next to participating shops.
  • Making a purchase in this store will earn the creator of your choice commission.
  • While making purchases in participating shops, the plugin doesn’t collect any confidential data, such as personal data, bank details, or products purchased.

How does genki.me protect the data it collects? Please check our Privacy Policy or watch this video.

If you have any questions, contact us.

Which browsers are compatible with genki.me?

genki.me is currently compatible with Google Chrome, Opera and Opera GX. We are working on more browser support in the future. If you are using a browser that isn’t currently supported, you can always download an available one, and make your purchases there.

What do the plugin icons mean?

you are logged in.

you are visiting a participating store.

you are logged out.

other plugins could be interfering in transaction tracking.
Please make sure other plugins or extensions which could be interfering are turned off.

Check the list of participating stores for your region to see where users can shop online using genki.me.

A blue star will appear on the yellow icon (or next to your Google search results) if the store is participating in the genki.me program.

How do I get my creator code?

The creator code is assigned when you get access to the genki.me panel using the account name you used at registration (Youtube or Twitch).

How can my fans register?

Once you get access to your genki.me Creator Dashboard , all you have to do is copy the link to your personalised page, and share it with your community.

You can also use our promotional materials and share them on your social media!

Where are promotional materials and graphics available which I can use to promote genki.me?

In the genki.me Creator Dashboard under the Promo Pack tab, you'll find pre-made promotional materials that you can use across your channel and social media.

Got questions? Feel free to email us or send us a message on Discord.

Where does the commission come from? Why don’t users pay anything extra?

The money comes from the marketing budgets from participating shops. Each company has a built in budget for a variety of promotions. Instead of spending this money on traditional marketing, such as buying ads on TV, the store spends part of it on promotion through commission links, which are then used in programs such as genki.

What’s the commission rate from purchases?

The average rate ranges from 1% to 5%. Some shops offer even more than that, it’s really up to the participating store what the rate is.

Where can I see my earnings? How long until I can withdraw my money?

There is an account overview in the genki.me Creator Dashboard. You can find commission ready for withdrawal in the Wallet section. On average it takes 60 days to process the purchase (in case of returns etc.).

How can I see which fans are registered with my code?

In the genki.me Creator Dashboard, the Leaderboard tab will show you the usernames of the fans that registered with your code and gave permission to see their usernames.

Why I can’t see some of my fans on the Leaderboard?

In the Leaderboard, you will see only logged in fans who agreed to share their usernames with you during the registration process, or after enabling this option directly in the plugin.

If you do not see a particular user in the Leaderboard it means that:

  • they didn’t login to the plugin,
  • they didn’t agree to share their nickname with you.

In order to fix it, ask your fan to log in once again to the plugin and to give permission to see their username.

How can users give permission to see their usernames and transactions?

There are four ways:

  1. During registration, they must tick the appropriate checkbox.
  2. Directly in the genki.me plugin. If they did not give us permission during registration, they will see a popup asking for approval.
  3. Directly in the plugin. They can switch on and off the permissions anytime by clicking the appropriate icon.
  4. They can also change this setting via their personalised Fan Dashboard.

The withdrawal amount is displayed in EUR. Can I withdraw only in EUR?

Income generated for genki.me creators shows up in EUR. However, you will receive the money transfer in the same currency as the selected bank account in the dashboard.

How quickly will I see a transaction in the Creator Dashboard?

The number of transactions in the genki.me Creator Dashboard is updated every day. Usually, we see transactions after one day, but in some cases, the transaction tracking process might take a bit longer.

genki.me is in beta. What does that mean?

genki.me is already fully functional, however we are continually improving our product and adding new features. Additionally, while genki.me is in beta, creator’s earn 100% commission from each purchase.

We do plan on taking a small commission one day, however not yet. For now, we want to iron out the kinks and create a product everyone loves.

You and your fans can help us with that by giving feedback!

If you have any suggestions or ideas contact us via email, social media, or Discord.

What does “genki” mean?

In Japanese, "genki" means energy. The kanji for genki is 元気, which when broken down mean "source" and "energy, mind, spirit." In short, genki is your energy for life, including creativity.

We believe that every user who supports the work of online creators is important. And with more users like that, the creator is motivated to make more amazing content.

If you wanna nerd out, you can read about the many meanings of the word genki here.

Can I support multiple creators at once?

Currently, you can support one creator at a time. In the near future, we will introduce a new feature which will allow you to change the selection at any time. You can install the genki.me plugin on different browser and support different creators.

Can I change the creator I want to support?

You can support one creator at a time which you select during the registration process. The option to change the selection whenever you want in in development.

Does the creator know who is using genki.me with their code?

It depends. The creator has an access to the Leaderboard which will show them the usernames of the fans registered with their code and who gave them permission to see their usernames. They will also see the amount of commission they earned thanks to you. They won’t see what exactly you have bought, because we value your privacy.

There are four ways to share your nickname with the creator:

  1. During the registration, you must tick the appropriate checkbox.
  2. Directly in the genki.me plugin. If you did not give permission during the registration, you will see a popup asking for approval.
  3. Directly in the plugin. You can switch on and off the permissions anytime by clicking the appropriate icon.
  4. You can also change this setting via your personalised Fan Dashboard.

Why isn’t my username visible on the Creator's Leaderboard?

In the Leaderboard, the creator can only see fans that are logged and who agreed to share their usernames during the registration process, or after enabling this option directly in the plugin.

If your username isn’t showing up on the creator’s leaderboard it means that:

  • you didn’t login to the plugin,
  • you didn’t agree to share your nickname with them.

In order to fix it, log in to the plugin again and to set the permissions to show your username.

How can I see if my purchase has been credited?

After 72h a confirmation email will be sent that commission from your transaction went to the creator of your choice.

You can also view your transactions in the genki.me Fan Dashboard.

I did not receive a confirmation email that my transaction was tracked. What are the possible reasons behind it?

Possible reasons why your transaction might have gotten lost and how to avoid that in the future:

  1. A technical issue. During the sales period, orders being processed simultaneously can lead to such an issue.
  2. A similar third-party browser plugin to genki.me causing chaos. Make sure to disable the other plugin whilst shopping.
  3. The shop's terms and conditions have been violated (those can be found on a store website).
  4. AdBlock was enabled and blocked the genki.me tracking process.
  5. (Users in Poland only) If you pay using BLIK, the system might not register the purchse.

How to make sure that the transaction is tracked?

  1. The tracking link stays active for one hour upon entering a participating shop and the purchase needs to be made within that time.
  2. Other cashback/coupon plugins should be deactivated while shopping using genki.me.
  3. Ensure AdBlock is off when making purchases using genki.me.
  4. (Users in Poland only) Choose a payment method other than BLIK.

How can I change my username or password?

I can’t see the genki.me Fan Dashboard even when I’m logged in. What’s the matter?

Visit the direct login page , and log in from there. After than you should be able to access the genki.me Fan Dashboard.

How genki.me protects user information and what data does the plugin collect?

The data is collected automatically via cookies during website interactions (while filling in forms) and after installing the genki.me plugin.

We use the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar

What data do we get? Registration details, user’s region, genki.me website interactions, and checking if the user is on a participating genki.me shop’s website. Nothing more, nothing less! For detailed information please check our Privacy Policy or watch this video.

When users make purchases in any of these stores, the plugin does not collect any confidential data, such as personal data, bank details or products purchased, making it absolutely safe.