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Make money on your content while your fans don't pay a cent

The genki.me plugin runs in the background while everyone goes about their day - you create content, your fans shop, you earn a commission, everybody wins.

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What is genki.me?

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Learn more about genki.me

How genki.me works?

1. Sign up and get your creator code.

2. Share your creator code with your fans from your profile.

3. One-click plugin installation - fans start shopping, you start earning.

4. Fans shop online in over 30,000 participating shops, get exclusive deals and discounts.

5. Set up special benefit tiers for your community (optional).

6. 1-5% of every fan purchase goes to your genki.me wallet as a form of cashback.

Commission is a form of cashback which you receive from the shop, as a thank you for your fans purchase. Every product has the promotion costs factored in the price. Instead of spending this money on marketing, e.g. buying ads on TV, the store spends part of it on promotion through commission links, which are used for genki.me.


For You

  • Earn a passive income.

  • Quick and easy setup.

  • Create benefit tiers for your community to make them feel included.

  • No need to ask fans for money directly.

  • Affiliation with well-known brands.

  • While genki.me is in beta you receive 100% of the commission.

    We do plan on taking a small commission from this one day, but not yet. For now, we want to iron out the kinks and create a product everyone loves.

For your fans

  • Fans support you without paying a cent.

  • They save money, get exclusive deals and discounts at over 30,000 shops worldwide.

  • Fans receive benefits directly from you.

  • Plugin is easy to set up, runs in the background.

  • Fans become a distinguished members of the community.

  • Empower content creators to stay independent.

While genki.me is in beta

you receive 100% of the commission

Why creators love us and you will too

genki.me is a way to receive donations from fans in a non-invasive way without them having to spend extra money. Thanks to the plugin, I can meet the goals set on streams. I think this is a nice alternative to donations, because viewers buy what they want for themselves, and I get free donations.


Even though genki.me is still in beta it already offers good benefits. I'm looking forward to new features and improvements. genki.me is already making it possible for my community to support me for free by making their purchases online.


genki.me provides a fantastic way for audiences to support creators in an indirect while they shop online in participating stores without creators needing to sign up for a lot of affiliate programs.

It’s really easy for my community to set the genki.me extension up on a growing range of browsers and support the stream without any additional cost to them.


Thanks to genki.me, my viewers can participate in the evolution of my channel for free and without effort. All they have to do is install the extension to their browser and make their usual online purchases. I can't wait for genki.me to grow even more and for more shops to participate! I appreciate this system to help small streamers.


How much could I earn?

From each fan purchase, you get a 1-5% commission. The more you share your code with fans, the more you can earn. On average one human spends €1,000 per year online. You do the math.

Estimate how much you potentially can earn:

You can easily estimate your income by the size of your active audience.

Fans you have regular contact with, that are active on your streams, and under your posts and videos.


Monthly earnings


Over 30,000 shops worldwide

Whether your fans are buying a new game, headphones or ordering a pizza, buying in participating shops will earn you commission. Your fans shop online, get discounts, and have access to exclusive deals.

Create a passive income stream.

Create what you want, when you want it. No limits. Stay independent.

Start earning now