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Income program designed for creators and their fans.

With Genki you can grow your channel with your community! They get discounts in more than 30,000 shops, while you earn commission from their purchases.

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What is Genki?

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Learn more about Genki

How Genki works?

1. Create your account and get your creator code.


2. Encourage your fans to install the Genki extension using your creator code.

3. Fans register and install the Genki extension using your code.

4. They go their regular shopping in participating Genki shops. Over 30,000 stores are avaliable - see the list.

5. 1-5% of every purchase goes to your account. Without any additional cost for your fans.


For You

  • Income program with creators in mind. Thanks to your fans' online purchases you automatically earn commission.

  • Easy to use. One-time registration is all it takes, the Genki plugin will take care of the rest.

  • It’s free for you and your fans. Your fans don’t pay anything extra, while you earn commission.

  • Simple and quick way to monetise your passion. Earn more funds to deliver more content to your community.

For your fans

  • Easy way for your fans to appreciate your work, without spending any additional money.

  • Let your fans be known as a committed member of your community.

  • Your community build your channel together with you, completely for free!

  • Fans save money on shopping. Get everyday discounts in over 30,000 online shops.

100% commission goes to the creator

while Genki is in Beta

Still undecided? See what our users say

Genki is a way to receive donations from fans in a non-invasive way without them having to spend extra money. Thanks to the plugin, I can meet the goals set on streams. I think this is a nice alternative to donations, because viewers buy what they want for themselves, and I get free donations.


Even though Genki is still in beta it already offers good benefits. I'm looking forward to new features and improvements. Genki is already making it possible for my community to support me for free by making their purchases online.


Genki provides a fantastic way for audiences to support creators in an indirect while they shop online in participating stores without creators needing to sign up for a lot of affiliate programs.

It’s really easy for my community to set the Genki extension up on a growing range of browsers and support the stream without any additional cost to them.


Thanks to Genki, my viewers can participate in the evolution of my channel for free and without effort. All they have to do is install the extension to their browser and make their usual online purchases. I can't wait for Genki to grow even more and for more shops to participate! I appreciate this system to help small streamers.


How much could I earn?

It all depends on how many fans you invite! One in every 7th fan registered in Genki makes a purchase online at least once a month. From each purchase you get 1-5% commission. The more fans you invite, the bigger the earning potential!

Estimate how much you potentially can earn:

How many followers (Twitch) or subscribers (Youtube) do you have?


Monthly earnings


* We run this calculation based on the assumption that 3% of your community will join Genki. Real number might vary depends on your activities and fans country of origin.

Over 30,000 shops worldwide

Whether your fans are buying a game, new headphones or ordering a pizza - buying in participating shops will earn you a commision that lets you improve your content. Your fans just shop as always - no extra money is charged.

Special offers are available for you and your community

Your fans get discounts while shopping online.

You get commission from their purchases.

dell.com logo
Multiple countries
Save up to £270 on Dells Inspiron 7510
Save up to £270 on Dells Inspiron 7510
Shop now
kerastase.co.uk logo
Multiple countries
15% off when you spend £59 or more, or 20% off when you spend £79 or more
15% off when you spend £59 or more, or 20% off when you spend £79 or more
Shop now
byterry.com logo
Multiple countries
40% off selected lines
For A Limited Time Only
Shop now

Genki creators

Develop your passion with a boost from your fans.

Making content takes a lot of time and effort. By using Genki your fans can show you that they appreciate it. For free. This is a small gesture that goes a long way.

Get Genki for your fans for free